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Police Officer 2024

Patrol Officer Base Pay 2024: $76,924.80
Pay Period (Bi-weekly): $2,958.61
Hourly: $36.98

Lateral Transfer 1st 6 months: $69,232.32
Pay Period (Bi-weekly): $2,662.78
Hourly: $33.28
Lateral Transfer candidates begin earning Patrol Officer Base Pay after their 6-month mark. IE. At 6 months of service in 2024 a Lateral Transfer Officer will be moved to full base pay, making $76,924.80.

Police Recruit 1st year (2024): $69,232.32
Pay Period (Bi-weekly): $2,662.78
Hourly: $33.28

Police Recruit 2nd year (2025): $73,078.56
Pay Period (Bi-weekly): $2,810.71
Hourly: $35.13

Police Recruit 3rd year (2026): After completing 2 years of employment Officers will be paid at the Patrol Officer Base Pay rate.

*Pay rates are approximate.

Education & Veteran Bonus

Yearly bonuses, paid each year, are made for applications with the following degree’s:

Veterans $450

Veterans with an Honorable Discharge may receive a $450 per year bonus. May not be combined with another degree.

Associates $450

Bachelors $900

Masters $1400

Doctorate $1900

Retention (Longevity) Pay

Officers with the Fort Wayne Police Department earn longevity pay, paid once yearly, starting in year 2:

Years 2-4: $1,500.00

Year 5: $2,000.00

Years 5+: Add $100 each year till year 19 which pays $3,400.00

Years 20+: $10,000.00


Officers become vested with the City of Fort Wayne after serving 20 years. 20 years of service earns 52% of a Patrolman’s base pay, with the ability to begin drawing at the age of 52. Pension max is 76% at 32 years of service.

See complete details of the 1977 Police and Firefighter fund here:

All employees who retire under the terms of any recognized retirement program with a minimum of 20 years of service with the Fort Wayne Police Department shall have their insurance premiums contributed/paid for by the City of Fort Wayne.* 

*See PBA contract.

Specialty Unit Pay (per year)

Detective Pay: $500.00

Homicide Team/Crime Scene Employees: $650

Emergency Services Team: $650

Bomb Squad: $650

Clandestine Team: $650

Critical Respond Team: $550

Fatal Traffic: $350

Public Information Officer: $350

Public Safety Response Team: $350

Air Support Unit: $500

Shift Differential Pay

For employees working on second (2:00pm – 10:30pm) or third (10:00pm – 6:30am) shifts they receive a shift bonus:

2nd shift: $3300 per year

3rd shift: $6300 per year

Military Veterans – We See You

“Being a Marine Corps Veteran, I look forward to hiring Veterans and active reservists from all branches when possible. I know that these individuals served their country honorably and have already demonstrated the discipline and fortitude necessary to succeed.” – FWPD Chief, Chief Scott Caudill

Join over 100 Veterans who currently serve on the Fort Wayne Police Department! Your service continues here.

$450 yearly bonus for Veteran’s with an Honorable Discharge.

Cannot be combined with yearly education bonus if Veteran has college degree.

Paid Military Time

Active-Duty Reservists get 15 paid military days per year with lots of flexibility.

Veterans can utilize their GI Bill/Post 911 GI Bill benefits during our Academy and FTO Training. See GI Bill Benefits under Chapter 33

Military Deployments – In the event of a long-term deployment the City of Fort Wayne will pay the difference if your active-duty pay is less than the salary you receive as a Fort Wayne Police Officer.

Starting in 2024 under Indiana House Bill 1034 members of the Armed Forces and National Guard will be exempt from state income tax on military pay.

Additional Earning Opportunities

  • Overtime is paid at time and a half of hourly rate.
  • Court time is paid at double the hourly rate.
  • Holidays are paid at time and a half, and you get the day back in your vacation bank.
    • Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and Independence Day are all paid at double time.
    • Recognized holidays are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.
  • Call out team bonus*
  • FTO Pay

Health Benefits

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits, including vision, dental, and health can be reviewed at here:

  1. Dental Care through AGA:
  2. Vision Care through UnitedHealthCare –

Health Insurance

Health insurance with the FWPD is provided through Parkview Signature Care.

See all city benefits here:

Vacation & time Off


  • 6 months – 1 year: 7 Days
  • 1 year thru 3 years: 12 Days
  • 4 years thru 5 years: 18 Days
  • 6 years: 19 Days and 1 additional day per year up to year 20. Capped at 34 days!

Personal Days

  • 10 per year
    • *New Recruits/Laterals begin the first year at a pro-rated number based on appointment date.
  • Sick Time
    • Unlimited with appropriate documentation from a Doctor.
      • The Chief of Police shall have the authority to initiate a disability application on behalf of any employee after two hundred seventy (270) calendar days.

Additional Benefits

Take Home Vehicle Program

Officers are provided a take home squad car, issued after completion of the FTO period and upon availability. All gas is paid for by the City of Fort Wayne. The Take Home Vehicle can be driven anywhere in Allen County, Indiana and the 6 adjacent counties.

All Equipment is Provided

We believe professionals should be equipped with professional equipment. Our full time Academy ensures you are ready serve our community. Class C MOLLE outer vest carrier, Class C nylon duty belt and accessories, Class A leather duty belt and accessories, first aid kid, individual Motorola handheld radio, Streamlight flashlight, ASP baton, Smith & Wesson double locking handcuffs, PBT, Taser (X26 or newer), Steel plated armor vest, AR15 Rifle, Mobile Data Terminal GETAC Laptops are provided in the squad cars.

The Fort Wayne Police Department is a full-service, highly sophisticated professional agency. Through innovate leadership and dedication to providing quality services, our Department maximizes its resources to provide a high-quality work environment. We give our officers the same respect and concern that we expect them to show all citizens with whom they come into contact in the line of duty.

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