Training Academy

The Fort Wayne Police Department Academy is a 23-week academy for those applicants who successfully complete the testing process. While in the academy recruits will be paid 90% of the base pay for a Patrol Officer. The FWPD’s academy is a professional academy intent on training professional officers to serve our community. We accomplish this by providing our recruits with the equipment and experienced staff, along with:

  • Over $14,000 of equipment and accessories is provided to complete the job of a Police Officer.
  • A laptop for using during the academy.
  • Tiered classroom setting for lecture.
  • A mat room with padded walls and floors to conduct both stand-up and ground combative training.
  • Sim suits that allow for strikes and additional techniques to be performed in order to limit potential injuries.
  • Training equipment such as tombstone pads, training batons, knives, boxing gloves, red guns and tasers.
  • Recruits will learn a combination of Brazilian Ju Jitsu and PPCT.
  • Over 80 hours of defensive tactics training.

16 lane indoor range

The FWPD Academy provides over 100 hours of firearms training in our in-door 16 lane range with movable targets, and the ability to bring vehicles into the range for additional training opportunities. Recruits utilize sim and trigger reset guns to hone their skills. The range has low-light/no-light training capabilities. Upon graduation from the academy new officers are provided a duty pistol and patrol rifle.

Sim room

The FWPD Academy houses a sim room with movable walls that makes numerous training opportunities available to our officers. Using low light/no light training techniques is also possible in this room.


Officers have access to both a standard weight room as well as a Crossfit room, both furnished with optimal training equipment.

The Fort Wayne Police Department is a full-service, highly sophisticated professional agency. Through innovate leadership and dedication to providing quality services, our Department maximizes its resources to provide a high-quality work environment. We give our officers the same respect and concern that we expect them to show all citizens with whom they come into contact in the line of duty.

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